Photos by Jeong Wonjun

Photos by Jeong Wonjun

How many software engineers are creative people, how do you think? The first thing, that comes on mind is that such people are serious and don’t have imagination, but that’s false and Jeong Wonjun proves that.   This guy has graduated from UC Berkeley as a Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, but nevertheless he is […]

The best Photoshop tools for bloggers

Every creator knows that there is a variety of programs, that can make his work easier. One of the easiest and widely used is Adobe Photoshop, that’s for sure, because it has lots of tools that can help, especially if you are a blogger. The best of them are the next ones: If you just […]

Common web design mistakes

No matter are you a professional or an amator, everyone can make mistakes in every sphere of creation, especially in web design. Too many things have to be in mind and too many skills have to be improved. Not to make lots of faults it’s better to keep in mind the common ones. The first […]

Top 3 mistakes in logo creation

  Every sphere of creation is specific and interesting,  and logo design is one of such ones. To be a designer it’s necessary to have some skills and have lots of ideas in mind. That’s quite difficult, so very often designers make mistakes and it’s absolutely normal, because exactly mistakes help to prove the skills. […]

The hidden meaning of logos

Recognition is one of the main and most important features for every brand for many reasons. Every company tries to do it’s best to design a creative and unique logotype, that would look not like any other. To make it perfect, logo design must have an idea and be interesting for the customers and some […]

Paintings by Jack Teagle

Every designer looks for inspiration everywhere, someone prefers history, someone is looking through Internet, someone finds ideas in books. Jack Teagle is a freelance artist and illustrator from England, who is inspired by old school comic books and horror films. Jack has already worked with Converse, Nick Jr, Urban Designers, Nexus Productions and so on. […]